For this year 2020-2021, the activities of "FY DON BOSCO" took place from August 2 to 27, focusing on the theme: "animated by hope, behold, I make all things new" (Rev 21, 5). Every year, the Salesian world in Madagascar organizes holiday activities for young people in order to fight against idleness, because according to Don Bosco: "the holiday time is the time of harvest for the demons".

All the Salesian communities in the province of Madagascar have prepared this activity called "FY DON BOSCO". For the occasion, the communities of Mahajanga and Ivato began their activities on August 9, a week after the date given by the PEPS (Salesian Educational and Pastoral Project). For this year, the number of participants in the "FY DON BOSCO" at the Oratorio Don Bosco Ivato was limited because they were 400 young people for about 700 for the year 2018. Note that at the Oratorio of Mahajanga, one person having a physical hadicap was able to participate. Despite all this, children, young people as well as adults (parents who are invited during the closing event) are fully satisfied, given the efforts made by the educators and trainers present.

But what is "FY" really?

Indeed, the FY DON BOSCO is a way to educate, especially, children and young people from 8 to 19 years old. For those over 19, they are part of the "mpanabe" (those responsible for supporting the young people who participate). In reality, each local community organizes their program according to the reality in which it lives, that is to say, adaptations are necessary according to the situation, although there is a guideline given by the province, precisely by the delegate. of youth ministry. However, for this year, most oratories encountered organizational difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, the number of participants registered in this period is limited in accordance with the health system in force.

It follows then that the objective of the Salesians in this activity is to educate for the integral promotion of man so that he may be "good citizens and worthy Christians".


The fourth bishop of Tsiroanomandidy

Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Gabriel Randrianantenaina bishop of the diocese of Tsiroanomadidy in the region of Bongolava. Four years ago, Mgr Gustavo Bombin Espino, former bishop of this diocese, was appointed bishop of Maintirano so the diocese in question did not have a bishop. The episcopal ordination took place on Sunday July 11, 2021 at the Public High School of the city Tsiroanomandidy.

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What kind of Salesians?

From February 16 to April 04 2020, The Salesian Congregation will hold the 28th General Chapter (GC 28) in Turin-Valdocco. This chapter presents 2 messages: the return to Valdocco, the Motherhouse of Salesian, after 62 years, the last was the CG18 and the general chapter which takes its title from a question: "What kind of Salesians for the youth of today?"

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The "Directory" of the Salesian Youth Movement

The leaders (LEADS) of the Salesian Youth Movement (MSJ) of the Salesian Provinces of Don Bosco, with their Youth Ministry Delegates and the MSJ coordinators, participated last Saturday, July 31, at 2:30 p.m. Rome time , at the "PLAN LAUNCH" initiative (Project Launch).

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