Benja and Lisy are lovers who sell flowers, decorate various venues, festivals and funeral ceremonies. Benja and Pôta are close friends who came up with an idea to improve their respective household incomes by stealing flowers. Bako and his aunt love taking care of the flowers in their garden, especially the roses.

The main basis of this play is the sharing of inheritance between brothers, so there are those who want to accumulate wealth and look for strategies and ways to get a lot, like Ramamy and his wife, and Sophie. In other words, the problem is always between them, so it becomes an antagonism between them. After that, Sophie and Solenze used tricks and persuaded Mama Sera, who is the eldest in the family, to side with them. Sophie came to speak in secret at her house, but at Solenze's she spoke on the phone.

Dr. Benja has been assigned to carry out medical work in the Fokontany of Tsarahonenana. Noro and Suzie are the first girls Dr. Benja interacts with, and he notices that although Suzie is shy, she is attractive. One day, when Dr. Benja was treating a lot of people, he didn't have time to prepare food, so he talked to Suzie. From that moment on, the two began to understand and help each other; Dr. Benja treats Suzie's mother, and Suzie's family prepares meals for the Doctor.

Mahandry and Ethan have been friends for a long time. Ethan returned home after completing his studies as a psychiatrist and the two have been living together. Mahandry loves Miss Raitra, Ethan falls in love with Miss Joy. However, it's not clear whether their love will come true. Raitra is mentally ill, and Ethan and Joy's love depends on her illness.

Diocese of Miarinarivo

Pope Francis has accepted the renunciation of the pastoral government of the Diocese of Miarinarivo, presented by H.E. Mgr Jean Claude Randrianarisoa. At the same time, the Supreme Pontiff has appointed H.E. Mgr Marie Fabien Raharilamboniaina, as Apostolic Admnistrator sede vacante et ad nutum Sanctae Sedis of the same Diocese.

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Love and Salvation

Christmas is a great joy, because it is the love of God that has come to us, proclaims Fr. Bizimana Innocent, Provincial Superior of the Salesians Don Bosco of Madagascar and Mauritius, presenting his Christmas greetings. Salvation is accomplished, so life is not in danger of disappearing. It is this love and this salvation that we wish to fill our life so that we have peace.

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Zatti, our brother

The short film "Zatti, our brother" (Argentina, 2020) focuses on one of the most difficult episodes of his life. We are in Viedma, in 1941: at the age of 60, Zatti is forced to leave the hospital he has attended for decades. His faith and strength are tested.

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