Christians, children, young people and adults have a duty to protect and serve the country, because productive work and increased savings and GDP are the only way to develop ourselves and the Kingdom of God. The country needs stability to be able to produce and help each other in unity. Tax evasion and corruption, abuse of power, selfishness, instability, non-payment of welfare benefits since 1975, contempt for the common good and common property are at the root of our nation's destruction.

The first is the fulfillment of Simeon's prophecy: your heart will be pierced by a sword; the second is the flight to Egypt; third, Jesus was lost in the temple in his twelfth year, and his mother was sad; fourth is Jesus carrying the cross, Our Lady's heart ached to see her son's suffering; fifth St Mary stood at the foot of the cross and heard Jesus' words: woman, behold your child, and to his disciples: behold your mother; the sixth, when Jesus' body was taken down from the cross and Our Lady took him in her arms; the seventh is Jesus' burial in the tomb.

The Church teaches about: society and governance and maintaining justice and equity for the people. The Church teaches that all authority comes from God, aims at the common good and is also non-discriminatory; respect one another and encourage one another for unity and peace.

The Church has a duty to educate those responsible in every category. Napoleon Bonaparte founded and created the "Civil Code" in 1804, and almost all of it forms the basis of today's law and system. One of the good things he did was to create the school system, the public finance system, the creation of the Senate and the system for protecting people and their property.

Diocese of Miarinarivo

Pope Francis has accepted the renunciation of the pastoral government of the Diocese of Miarinarivo, presented by H.E. Mgr Jean Claude Randrianarisoa. At the same time, the Supreme Pontiff has appointed H.E. Mgr Marie Fabien Raharilamboniaina, as Apostolic Admnistrator sede vacante et ad nutum Sanctae Sedis of the same Diocese.

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Love and Salvation

Christmas is a great joy, because it is the love of God that has come to us, proclaims Fr. Bizimana Innocent, Provincial Superior of the Salesians Don Bosco of Madagascar and Mauritius, presenting his Christmas greetings. Salvation is accomplished, so life is not in danger of disappearing. It is this love and this salvation that we wish to fill our life so that we have peace.

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Zatti, our brother

The short film "Zatti, our brother" (Argentina, 2020) focuses on one of the most difficult episodes of his life. We are in Viedma, in 1941: at the age of 60, Zatti is forced to leave the hospital he has attended for decades. His faith and strength are tested.

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