Jesus heals the infirm and multiplies the loaves

Wednesday 02 December 2020 - First week of Advent - Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 15, 29-37 - He will come, the Lord, to save his people. Blessed are those who are ready to go out to meet him!

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Tuesday 06 October 2020 - 27th week of Ordinary Time - Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Luke 10, 38-42 - Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it!

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Dear Christians, there are two points to be remembered from today's Gospel.

Firstly, the sense of hospitality. Whether it is Mary or Martha, they are welcoming in their ways. Mary keeps the conversation going, while Martha prepares the meal. This already teaches us to be able to welcome wherever we are: at work, in the family... Knowing how to welcome is a mark of self-respect and esteem for others, and therefore not to be neglected. It is always revolting to see those who have to receive people with a scowling face, a condescending look and an aggressive tone.

Secondly, Jesus specifically praises Mary's attitude because she put God and his Word in the first place. It also teaches us to always remember God before we start something: when we wake up, before going to school or work, before building a house? For example, during these birthday celebrations, where we do everything to make the celebration as lavish as possible, but it is nothing but vanity in the eyes of God if we have not included a moment of recollection, a prayer. The best thing to do in these cases, as much as possible, is first to thank God by celebrating a Mass, and then to continue to share the joy. This is just an example, but the point is: let us not waste our time with what is incidental, but concentrate on what is essential.