Jesus heals the infirm and multiplies the loaves

Wednesday 02 December 2020 - First week of Advent - Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 15, 29-37 - He will come, the Lord, to save his people. Blessed are those who are ready to go out to meet him!

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Many of us know the benefits of the ravintsara plant known by its scientific name: Cinnamomum camphora. It cures several diseases because of the effectiveness of its medicinal elements. It purifies the air. Its cultivation is a source of additional income for the women who practice it according to the explanation of the president of the Ravintsara platform, Dr. Razafinakanga Alice.

Papa Bio or Papa Basile is a farm operator, a contributor to the rural development of The Itasy region, especially in Soavinandriana. His activities are based on organic agriculture always looking for the techniques to achieve it.

Madagascar is currently one of the countries in the world that practices excessive deforestation. If no measures are taken to manage it, the Big Island will have no natural forests left in 2050. This will jeopardize the development of agriculture. Reforestation is unavoidable. The Programme de Lutte Antiérosive V or PLAE V responds to the Malagasy State's vision of reforestation of 40,000 Ha per year until 2023.

The Federation of Rural Women in Madagascar or FVTM contributes to the development of its members' income-generating activities during its 15 years of existence. It is a national umbrella organization, especially for women, which aims to improve the living conditions of rural women in a sustainable manner and to promote empowerment in social, economic and cultural life.