We must do my Father's will

Thursday 03 December 2020 - 1st week of Advent - Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 7, 21. 24-27 - Seek the Lord while he is found; call on him while he is near!

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27th October - Emeline was a holy woman who joined the Cistercian order at Boulancourt in the diocese of Troyes in Champagne. She lived there in the 12th century. This monastery was very popular at the time.

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She was a contemporary of Saint Asceline and Blessed Gossuin, who belonged to the same Cistercian monastery. This monastery passed to the Order of Citeaux in 1147 at the request of the Bishop of Troyes, Henry of Carinthia and when the Cistercians arrived, Emeline was already active as a converse sister in the barn of Perthes Sèches, near Yèvres-le-petit. Émeline was never a Cistercian sister but only a converse living according to the Cistercian rule and much more: of very great penitence, she ate only three times a week, went barefoot summer and winter, wore the cilice, sang psalms and prayed all day long; she had gifts of prophecy which made the whole region run to consult her. She died in 1178 and was buried under the altar of the Ladies' convent, attached to the Abbey of Boulancourt, and a constantly burning flame was placed underneath. Then, when the chapel was destroyed, her remains were moved, along with those of Saint Asceline and Saint Gossuin, to the church of Boulancourt. Nothing remains of these remains today.