We must do my Father's will

Thursday 03 December 2020 - 1st week of Advent - Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 7, 21. 24-27 - Seek the Lord while he is found; call on him while he is near!

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25 November - Catherine is said to have been born in 294 to a noble family in Alexandria, Egypt, and to have died there in 307. She quickly acquires knowledge that places her among the greatest poets and philosophers of the time.

24 November - Saint Andrew Dũng-Lạc, born in 1795 and died in Hanoi on 21 December 1839, was a Vietnamese Catholic priest who was executed by decapitation during the reign of Minh Mạng. André Dũng-Lạc is one of the 117 martyrs of Vietnam.

23 November - Saint Clement was born in Rome, he lived in the first century. Rich, educated and zealous in his search for the truth, it was in Christianity that he found satisfaction to soothe his mind and soul.

22 November - Born into a noble Roman family, she dedicated her life to God at a very young age and took a vow of virginity. When she reached marriageable age, her parents chose her as their husband, Valerian, a pagan. After several days of prayer and fasting, arrives the wedding night: she reveals her secret to Valerian, and asks him to respect her virginity, as well as to convert.